Cheap painting service is offered by so many painters and painting companies so who can actually deliver quality painting service at the most affordable price. We are confident to say that we are one of the lowest in terms of pricing our painting service. Most importantly, we don't compromise on the quality even though we offer cheap painting service.

Low Cost Painting Service with Good Quality

Good and Cheap Painting Service

We are proud to say that our company and our painters are ethical and offer affordable painting service to cater to majority of people residing in Singapore. Whether you are looking for cheap office painting or home painting service, you can count on us the deliver one of the best painting work. We focus on long term client relationship and aim to provide the best painting service without breaking your bank. Our painters are also careful enough to take care of your furniture and flooring when performing the painting tasks. Trust us, engage our cheap painting service and you will realize our painting ability.

Price of HDB Painting Service

Below is what we can offer you when it comes to cheap painting service. The price may vary depending on the size of flat (i.e. Square Feet), the timing to perform the painting work (i.e. when and is it during peak season), type of paint to be used, etc.

HDB Flat TypePrice
2 RoomSGD500 to SGD900
3 RoomSGD550 to SGD1,000
4 RoomSGD650 to SGD1,100
5 RoomSGD750 to SGD1,200
Executive ApartmentSGD850 to SGD1,300
MansionetteSGD950 to SGD1,500


Lowest Priced Painting Service

For condominium and landed property, we need to know the size of the apartment or house, its accessibility, etc. Don't worry, our affordable painting service also applies to private properties. Our painting fee remains reasonably low regardless of where and what type of property you stay.

Highly Skilled Painters Providing Affordable Painting Service

Call us NOW for Cheap Painting Service

If your have not painted your house or office for the past 4 to 6 years, it is now time to give it a fresh coat of paint. Besides providing low cost painting of wall and ceiling, we also provide cheap door painting and plastering services.

If you want something fanciful like painting a picture or some designs in your room, we can also do it at reasonable rates. Just let us know your painting needs via our customer service, (+65) 6871 8707, and we shall be able to deliver our cheap painting service soon.

General Painting

We provide all kinds of painting services, commercial and residential.

Office Painting

Motivate your staff by creating colorful and conducive office for work.

Door Painting

Bring back the life of an old door by giving it a coat of fresh paint.

Skilled Painters at a Bargain

Pay reasonably for painting service.

We promise to deliver good painting works at such affordable painting rates.

quality painting service

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