Need House Painting for Chinese New Year 2019? For fresh and new look, nothing beats giving your house a new coat of paint.

If you want your home to look extremely new to welcome the year of the "pig" for Chinese New Year, it is not too late to get a professional painter or painting company to give your house a new layer of paint. Whether it is to paint the interior walls for most of us staying in apartments or exterior walls for some of us living in the landed properties, getting good and affordable painting service is important because you don't want to end up having to re-paint the house and delay the process. If the delay stretches beyond Chinese New Year, you may have to celebrate the New Year in a temporary housing. This is something you would very much like to avoid.

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Minor Painting Work for CNY

Some of you may choose to spend less and get the painter to just paint over dirty marks. Is this a good option? Most professional painters will tell you that you should not take just paint over those dirty marks when it comes to house or office painting. This is because the wall may look patchy. The tone of the newly painted surface may look slightly different from the existing surface even though the same paint is used. Your guest may be able to tell the difference between the newly painted surface and the existing surface. As such, it is wiser for you to paint the who house and paint the entire wall instead of just touching them up. The difference in price between painting the who house and touching up some parts may not differ too much. Follow the expert advice and you should not be wrong.

Before CNY House Painting Work

It is important to plan the Chinese New Year preparation process well. You should start tidying up your place and de-cluttering it before you start the painting work. Throw away all the unnecessary things. This will minimize the shifting of your belonging. If you intend to buy new furniture or things, do it after the painting job is done.

Chinese New Year 2019 House Painting Service

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We are experienced painters for Chinese New Year house painting. If we promised you we can deliver the painting job, we stick to our promise. Money back guarantee if we could not meet this expectation. Speak to us and hire our Chinese New Year painting service now.

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